KefiWeb is about helping yo if you’re interested in getting up-and-running with your own self-hosted WordPress website..

It’s run by a guy called Chris Davis……

In the past I have created sites for clients and friends.  But there are now plenty of other people providing that as a service.

So I’ve narrowed the scope of my offerings.

I’m about helping people who want to get a domain name registered, set up a WordPress site, configure email and then get on with running the site themselves.

Typically solopreneurs and small business owners who want a “shop window” web presence that they control.

I offer that and follow-up with ad-hoc informal support by email / messenger for those “odd” emails (typically between 2 and 4 times a year).  They contain a lot of what looks like gobbledegook about hosting and domain name registrations.

There’s plenty of publicly available information about WordPress – “how to do this”, “how to do that”.  So I’m not going to be tying you into some contract or fixing things so you’re forced to be reliant on me.  No hostages to fortune here!

My interest in web-related stuff is a hobby/pastime.  Keeping the mind active and stimulated during retirement from employed work. I’d like to make it self-financing.

You won’t find me on fiverr or other sites like that.  So you likely ended-up here through accident, referral or curiosity.

Thank you for your time.


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