KefiWeb is about helping you with your web presences.

(Are you looking for the creator of the Kefi Link Icon and Keflicon?  You’ve found him!)

It’s run by a guy called Chris Davis……

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I’m about helping people who don’t (i) need to know or (ii) have the time to learn about the stuff that goes into creating and improving web presences.

Web presences = web sites, social media, email.

My interest in web-related stuff is a hobby/pastime.  Keeping the mind active and stimulated during retirement from employed work. I’d like to make it self-financing.

You won’t find me on fiverr or other sites like that.  So you likely ended-up here through accident, referral or curiosity.

However you got here – I hope you will have a look around and see if there’s anything I can help you with.

Thank you for your time.


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If you have a moment – you might also be interested to have a look at stuff I have created….

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