Welcome to KefiWeb.

KefiWeb is about providing web services to small businesses.

Typically the one-person, self-employed or small family enterprises.

Please click here or on the “Live examples” link above to see the sort of websites I provide.

A common requirement is a website. However behind-the-scenes there’s stuff like domain name registration, web hosting and email.

KefiWeb aims to provide services in jargon-free, plain English.

My preferred approach is to gauge how much support each client needs to in order to be able to operate pretty much on their own after the initial set up.

After the initial set up I try to take a back seat. I charge what I call a “retainer”. This is to provide you with the confidence that there will be someone to call upon if things look as though they’re not working.  Importantly it helps keep costs down.

Each client is unique. Thus there is no price table offered. However, the sites I give on the Live examples page work out at an average of around £120.00 for initial set-up with a retainer of around a £10.00 per month.

Thank you for your time.

“KefiWeb” Chris.