virautate New Word Of The Day by chris at KefWeb Kefliconned 714 Image
viruatate – a new word by Chris @ KefiWeb


virautate is a word I invented whilst I was playing around with designs for #6zeromarketing

I was creating images and words in tandem with search engine queries for “low and no” competition words and images.

I had not come across a term that described this activity.

So I looked into it a bit further.  I found nothing.  So I created it.

If you’ve arrived at this web page and/or seen the image and associated derivative videos – then that means I’ve had a modicum of success.

At the time this web page was created it was unclear if one could copyright a word. It didn’t feel right or ethical to do so.

Adding a trademark symbol is another matter.

So I made the image above and stuck a Creative Commons with Attribution (CC-BY) on it.

P.S.  The small circular icon at the bottom centre of the image is a “Double Keflicon” – read more about that at

Thank you for your time.

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