Short Link Service

Which looks tidier to you?


Both the links end up at the same page. 

I think the second one looks better in an email, a Facebook post or Message.

If you think so too – I can do it for you for your long web page addresses.

How about for a £5.00 one time set-up fee?

You might find this useful where you:-

  • have a web page with a long name
  • want to give out a link that is user-friendly, personalised or reflects your brand
  • want to redirect people to a page
  • have non-English characters or names

Can I see examples?  Yes.  Here are three.

The first is of a web page with a long name:-

The short link to it is:-

The second is to a Facebook Group whose web address reads :-

The short link to it is:-

The third is an example where non-English characters (Greek) are used.μαστιχαρι/