Services For You?

I’ve got some experience of doing web stuff for myself.

I also enjoy the trust of some small, family-run businesses and solopreneurs.

I’ve helped them get them set-up so they can run their own sites themselves.

I’ve also set up and run sites on their behalf.

There’s a lot of mumbo jumbo to do with registering domain names, getting hosting set-up etc, etc, etc

Often this is only needs to be done once.  So I’ll help you along the way.

I do mainly “shop window” sites.  That is to say, nothing to do with finance eg. Paypal, Stripe.  I don’t have a need to know.

In summary I offer “micro services” and ad-hoc support.

Whilst I will offer my best guidance – it’s your business, not mine.

Other one-off services I may be able to help you with are listed on separate pages.

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