nopodon 6zero vertical kefi link arrows in circle on white background image

The nopodon was created after online research in September 2022 returned results for (i) an unpopulated Flikr account dating from 2011 and (ii) a single reference in an Anglo-Germanic book which appeared to record an archaic form of the word meaning hypochondriac.

All top level domain names appeared to be available.

A search for #nopodon returned nil results.

No images for the 7 contiguous letters were returned.

Only one use of the 7 contiguous letters preceded by an “@” was revealed – showing a single, 11 second, video of a couple of dogs.

A search for “nopodon™” returned no results to indicate the contiguous letters were a trademark of a 3rd party.

Click here to see some initial design ideas for the nopodon.


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