Multiple Languages Service

If I could draw your attention to the button……

and ask you to click it.

That’s a selection of languages I have chosen to offer this web site in.

The license I have for the software allows me to install it on an self-hosted WordPress web site.

If offering your web site in languages other than English appeals – then I’ll install a copy for you.

How it would work…

(i) We agree a date/time for me to do the install and activate the license;

(ii)  You’d set me up as a User with “Admin” privileges.

(iii)  I do the install and activate the license.

(iv)  You then delete the User account you set-up for me.  (Assuming I don’t have a need to access your site for any other purpose.  This not only good security practice but it also means the account is one less “weakness” in your system).

It should only take 5 minutes before you get up-and-running with your new plugin.

How much?  How about $15 for one site.  Payable by Paypal – 50% upfront.  50% after install is done.

The languages on offer are shown in the image below.

Kefiweb Easy Translate Options Image

The configuration settings above the language table show the choices you will be able to exercise.  They will be:-

(i) enable / disable site wide;

(ii) button to show top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right;

(iii) the button background colour;

(iv) the colour of the text that appears on the button;

(v) whether the initial display “flag” is UK-EN, US/UK-EN, English Only (the “flag” sometimes referred to as the cross of St George).

(vi) you will then choose the languages shown to your viewers who click on your button by “checking/ unchecking” the box adjacent to each “flag”.


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