domain for rent Domain For Rent image has been promoting small and family-run businesses based in the village off the northwest coast of the island of Kos since 2004.

In that time it has consistently appeared on page #1 for Google searches.

Despite being a year-round resident in Antimachea and only 5 minutes away from the village – I find I no longer have the time to devote to maintaining the site.

Rather than just take it offline I thought I’d see if there’s anyone interested in running a web site about Mastichari / Mastihari/ Μαστιχαρι using the domain name and/or subdomains.

I’d retain the domain name registration and redirect it to your web site and, say, up to 20 subdomains.

If ~€20,00 a month for the first year sounds doable – then let’s talk.

Happy to discuss any other ideas and your proposals.

Thank you for your interest.


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