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Luis Pool Mastichari

The Luis Pool Mastichari engaged KefiWeb to provide them with three videos during 2018. The business drivers behind these were to (i) clarify the terms of use of the on-site pool and (ii) promote the events they hosted on Wednesday and Saturday evenings.

Palatiano Restaurant~Cafe

The Palatiano Restaurant~Cafe is set on the beach front, facing Mastihari's main beach. Its location makes it a favourite venue for those who are aware of it. However, it is not immediately visible to travellers arriving at the harbour. The principle purpose of this video was to raise awareness.

The intended audience would be people using mobile phones. Those phones would likely be used with the sound turned off. Even with the audio enabled any music or narrative would likely be rendered inaudible by the background noises of the harbour bustling with people, cars and boats.

Seafood and Black Linguine

2018 saw a new young chef in the kitchen at the Palatiano Restaurant in Mastihari, Kos, Greece. This video was a celebration of his trying new dishes. Although the lighting left a bit to be desired, the main purpose of ts video was for the chef to be able to have something he could share with friends and his teachers/mentors in Athens (where he had studied for two years).


10 second Intro Video

This was generated using an online template to which one added the domain name and the "call to action" wording in the final frame. is still a work-in-progress.


"Frankendrone" was a an experiment (during summer 2018) in collaborative video creation by Members of the Facebook Group "Drone Flyers GB & Beyond". I am not an aerial photographer myself but have close connections with the Group. All Group Members were invited to join the experiment. Those who joined the experiment offered-up short video excerpts of their work. All contributors had a say in the production - from initial story boarding, through all stages right up-and-including the decision to "Go Live".