KefiWeb ~ Welcome!

If you’re content – we’ll treat the pleasantries as a “given” and get down to business.
My approach can be summarised as If I can I will,  If I can’t I will say so.
Below is a list of the services and products I can offer you.  Each is linked to page(s) with more information.
Whether you choose to run with any (or all) of them I’d just like to say “Thank you” for your time,
Chris Davis
PS – that’s “Chris” as in “Christopher”

 Web sites.   (i) Done with/for you or (ii) Set-up for you to run yourself (with or without ongoing ad-hoc support).   The site-examples page has pictures of a cross section of these.  Clicking on each will take you to a page with a bit of history about each site.  Here’s the link to that page again.
“Highlight and Share” service.   Have you noticed a small pop-up when you highlight text on this site?   No – I invite you to try it now.    Find out more and try it out at  “I have just visited KefiWeb“.