Raison D’être

Videos – including my own – play on social media.
That means they are potentially seen by anyone with an internet connection.
So an audience with a wide range of different languages.
I am a native English speaker and my own videos are watched by native English speakers……..
and Greeks, Dutch, German, Swiss, French, Swedes, Danes, Bulgarians, Turks and so the list goes on……
As at May 2022 the software available for making videos playing on social media “clickable” was still being developed (?)……
Therein lay the problem……
Or opportunity.
Link icons existed but I could find none with animation or design I liked that (i) combined the double-chain-link with “directions”….and (ii) I could readily use in my videos.
So I made my own……..
Thus the Kefi Link Icon came into being.