Kassaras Pastry Shop


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KefiWeb has been a customer of Kassaras Pastry Shop over the years.   Not only for the pastries and cakes but  also for the coffees sold at their premises.    Through chatting with Stefanos we got to now that he was minded to have a web site to complement his Facebook presence.

Research revealed that the eponymous “dot com” domain name was available to register.  So rather than just leave it as a matter to mention on our next visit to the shop – we registered the domain name and set up a single page which, when visited, triggered a “pop-up” bar containing a link to the Kassaras Facebook page.

We then immediately let Stefanos know what we had done.  That led to discussions about possible ways forward.

Stefanos had a clear vision of what he wanted and, perhaps more importantly, what he did not want.  He had been approached by large web providers over the years, was aware in broad terms of what was available commercially….mostly standard “out of the box” solutions.   None offered the time to understand either the person, the business, its environment, hopes, aspirations and plans for the future.

This latter part is where a small time local web presence provider such as KefiWeb has an advantage over “the big boys”.

The rest is, as the popular expression goes, is history.

We continue to enjoy Kassaras’s cakes, coffees and other goodies.  Together we are looking at possibilities that video can offer to further business and personal goals.


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