dot ελ domains

The new top level domain (TLD) “ελ” opens for all to register (10th October 2018)

For the first three months prior to 10th October2018 the “.ελ” domain was open for existing registrants of “.gr” domains to apply for registration of the “.ελ” version of their domains.
As with .gr domains the “ελ” suffix is subject to clearance with the domain name authorities.
After the initial three month period ended it was then open for anyone to apply for registration of an “.ελ” domain (subject to the rules applicable to Greek TLDs).
If you are seeking help with registration of “.gr” and/or “.ελ” domains or with associated web sites then KefiWeb will be happy to offer its help.
In the first instance email chris[@] or visit Facebook at KefiWeb