Clickable Link Images

Kefi Link Icon Clickable Image Link By Kefi Chris Link Image

You’ve probably seen these on your timeline.

Kefiweb Fb Timeline Example Clickable Link Image

When the viewer clicks the image they are taken to another web page – either inside the platform or to an external web site.

I make these.  I can make them for you.

Your Image ~ Your Words (the capitalised letters in the above example) ~ Your narrative (the smaller font) ~ Your choice of where it takes the viewers when they click on it.

It’s a “micro service” I offer.

Starting at $10 (when you have the image and words already prepared) to get one made.

Payment via Paypal.  50% up front.  50% when it’s delivered.

It’s a “one-off” service – I won’t be pestering you with emails or follow-ups.  We both have better things to do with our time.

If you like what I do for you….and how I do it…then you might return for more.



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