Beach Service

Beach services = “premium” services.

Let your customers know what you can offer them this service.

Use it for advertising to potential customers looking for this sort of service.  Don’t rely on passing trade.

Got an “e-system” already installed? – Add a link from the web page to it.

Worried about your competition seeing your prices?  Put your priced food and drinks menu on a separate page and protect it with a password.  Give the password only to your customers.  Change the password each day, week, month, season.

Need to shift some stock?  Add a link to your “special of the day” web page.

Got other services to offer the people on your beach? Add a link to those.

You know your business.  It’s your business, not mine. 

BUT I may be able to help you increase your trade by creating a simple web page such as this?

It’s not for everyone.  Not every business wants or needs this service.

If it’s not for you – thank you for having a look here.  If your business model changes – let me know!

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If this interests you and you want to look at possibilities…then let’s touch base. 

Hello! I’m Chris.  I do web stuff like this.

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Messenger ( or email (

N.B. English (UK) is my primary language.

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