#6zeromarketing LOM Rating

The #6zeromarketing LOM Rating is shorthand for the “Lack of Mistrust” Rating.

It evolved from a concept in internet marketing circles during the latter half of 2022.

It was based on an assumption that “fake news”, “”influencers” and “mainstream media” were likely to be permanent features of the web.

At least in those parts of the web where governments and oligarchs were still allowing “uncensored” access to web content.

The “COVID” pandemic touched all people on the planet.

Either directly or indirectly.

For many it redefined the concepts of “trust” and creditability.

It was a “reality reset”.

Knowingly or subconsciously “Lack of Mistrust” had permeated mankind.

“How little do you trust that politician?”

“How little mistrust to you place in what mainstream media channels are broadcasting?”

“How great is your mistrust of the image at the head of this page…….” 😉




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